Hi! I’m Amrita. I am a computer science PhD student and personal style enthusiast in Seattle, Washington, USA.

This blog is for recording and ruminating on my life in clothes, handmade and secondhand and sometimes brand new. My personal style goal is to be more mindful and appreciative of the joy I get from getting dressed, and I am aim for this blog to be a log of my musings on personal style and slow fashion. I don’t claim to be an expert seamstress or nonstop shopper, so this blog is kind of a mix of me-made, vintage, and new clothes.

why multithreaded?

Multi-threading is a computing concept that allows a single processor to make faster progress by picking up other work (or “threads”) while some threads are blocked waiting for resources. In addition to being a cute pun, this is a fair analogy for my approach to personal style — sometimes I will search high and low for the perfect vintage item, sometimes I will desperately want an amazing covetous new thing (trying to cut down on this!) and sometimes I will think “Hey, I can make that!” at the covetous new thing and prepare the materials to do it myself. Most of my clothes have multiple threads running through them and my personal style does too

my trusty Singer 99k