I haven’t been posting, or writing much in general, but I certainly still been shopping and enjoying my wardrobe.

But, while my work needs, style, and body are changing, I feel like I haven’t been as holistic in my understanding of my wardrobe. I no longer post outfit selfies to Instagram, I no longer log my daily outfit, instead just going back and tracking the wear count in my spreadsheets.

So, I was thinking that a more offline approach, perhaps using a Daria Andronescu-inspired visual guide, would help me feel a little more put together and complete in my shopping. Really the goal is to only buy what I need or what would add, while still maintaining a cohesive and opinionated look.

I did this, to a lesser extent, in the summer when I was planning capsule wardrobes for travel. The colors were not as cohesive but I did make a lot of outfits out of a small number of garments, and was happy with the style I put together.

I’ll do this for Q1 of 2020 and see how it goes: edit out winter items I don’t see fitting into my capsule; be diligent with logging outfits and not shopping; trying to celebrate my outfit aesthetics more to appreciate my wardrobe. Especially with my upcoming move, this will be helpful. We’ll see if I stick to it.

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