We had been wanting a cozy daybed for our office room for a while now, and were lucky enough to find a custom-made media console that fit our office daybed needs perfectly! It’s a lovely, really well-crafted piece that came with flat file drawers and some deep shelves, and was definitely sturdy enough to support one or two humans interested in napping! The only problem was that the daybed size, which, while perfect for our space, was a little longer and deeper than standard daybeds — finding a well-sized cushion would be difficult.


We first thought of cushioning the wood upper with some throw pillows and floor cushions, but decided against having too many moving surfaces. Instead, we got this slim foam cushion off Amazon that mostly fit our dimensions and decided to use the lingering space as a laptop or coffee rest. As an aside, I’m impressed with the mattress – it’s flexible, has a good density, and is surprisingly comfortable and supportive for 2″ of foam!

The cushion cover, however, is a little less impressive — I designed the pieces to fit snugly around the rectangular shape, but must have gotten the proportions off. I measured both the cushion and used the reported dimensions online but somehow the cover is a little wide and a little short. So instead of having a long flap that wraps around the bottom of the cushion, I have a cushion-length flap and an open back end, with a shorter cover on the base. I suppose this makes it easy to access the cushion if you need it? I don’t know. I think in the future I’d put the opening along the longer side — getting the cushion in the cover is like trying to get a pillow in a pillowcase but worse, because the foam cushion is a lot more smushy and hard to manipulate, as well as being huge.

Fabric detail, darkened so you can see more of the texture (it’s less warm in real life)

The fabric, however, is lovely, and I’m very happy I went with this lightweight cotton canvas from Drygoods Design. It has some donegal-style grey pilling which adds some texture to the uniform cover, and offsets the mismatched pillows, as well. The pillows, by the way, are from the interior design studio next door that was doing a clearance on pieces — I was a little unsure about the pair but they match the chairs really nicely! I think the fabric of the cushion cover does a nice job tying together some of the pieces in that room.

To conclude, this is a hacky cover that I’m sure I’ll revisit in the more ambitious future, but for now was a nice excuse to get some gratuitous glamor shots of my new lovely daybed area!

Pattern: Self- “drafted”

Fabric: Drygoods Design

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