I am a big enthusiast of natural fabrics, for their ease of wearing and care as well as their environmental impact. In the past, I bought my cottons and silk items (mostly t-shirts and blouse tops) from Everlane, who are great and have high-quality fabrics, but their prices have been creeping higher and their muted palette was easy for me to tire of in my colorful wardrobe. Since I started my internship at a highly air-conditioned tech workplace, I found myself needing more silk basics without blowing my summer stipend, so I decided to check out the highly recommended Grana.

My lovely colorful Grana silks

Grana’s silk blouses appealed to me because of the variety of colors and styles. I bought two of the Silk Tank, two Silk Racerback Camisole, one Silk V-Neck Camisole, and a pair of Silk Joggers. I’ll go through my detailed impressions of all the pieces but the high-level bit is I love everything I got. I had heard that Grana was more petite-friendly, and found that to be very true in the length and cut of the tops and the fit of the joggers. The quality of the silk is very nice, varying slightly in texture across the styles and price points but I wouldn’t actually say one type of silk is nicer or more preferred over another. I’ll now go over each item and my thoughts in turn:

Silk Tank

Grana Silk Tank in Black (lightened to show details)

I got two of the scoop-neck silk tank, in black and coral (pictured above). These are round neck unlined tanks, great for layering or wearing on a hot day. Grana’s site says these tanks are in a “16mm silk crepe de chine” that is “sand-washed to produce a subtle lustre and matte finish”. I would say these are matte finish, maybe slightly pebbled if you look very closely. They don’t feel particularly satiny but are an opaque, light layer.

Silk Racerback Camisole

These racerback camisoles are my favorite of the bunch, both in the colors I got and the style. The round neck is not low enough to be risqué but not so high as to be frumpy, and the length is perfect for my 5’3″-sized torso (it’s not any longer or shorter than the other tanks, but I find the drape and length of this style to be the most flattering). Grana says these are also sand-washed like the Silk Tank, but, either because of the cut or the double-layering, have a bit more of a flow and drape to them. I feel like the silk’s texture is a bit smoother and more satin-y. I get a lot of wear out of both of these camisoles, on their own or under light jackets.

Silk V-Neck Camisole

Silk V-Neck Camisole

The Silk V-Neck camisole is the most luxurious and expensive-feeling of the tanks I got (it is also the most expensive, at $49 each). Grana says they are a “22mm Georgette Satin”, and they certainly feel much more robust and satin-y than the other tanks. The material is more lustrous and has much more slip against itself and other silk layers, even silk of a different finish. Some of the newer colors have “updated fit and slight high-low hem”, however that changes things.

Silk Ankle Pant

I bought the Silk Ankle pants to pair with the silk v-neck camisole for a pseudo-jumpsuit effect. What I didn’t realize, though, is that the pants have a different finish from the tank I bought it with – the camisole was a georgette satin and the pants are in the 16mm crepe de chine silk like the plain silk tank. Nevertheless, I wear them together as a coord set and like the convenience of a matching outfit that is easy to visit the restroom with 🙂 These pants are single-lined but fairly opaque, and they fit true to the sizing guide on the site (I opted for a more fitted size). The pockets are not particularly roomy (would fit a lip gloss or keys but not a coin purse or phone).

Anyway, I love Grana so much that I immediately started talking it up to my similarly sized and sartorially-inclined friends, who used my referral code to get 10% off their first order. Now I’m wondering what I should get next – I don’t really need any more silk tanks or dresses (I have a decent collection of vintage and secondhand silk dresses) but could explore silk blouses (though I wonder if I would struggle with the fit) or some other offering from Grana, like their wool or cashmere!

Do you have any items from Grana? What do you think of them?

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